Our Mission

Our mission is to produce value for our constituents by creating and disseminating business knowledge through high-quality scholarship, teaching, and service while prudently managing our resources. We are efficient, effective, and focused on enhancing the market value of our diverse student body and the degrees that we award.

The community of learners in the University of Mississippi School of Business Administration is committed to creating value through:

  1. Offering a curriculum that enriches important business fundamentals with topics such as ethics, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

  2. Utilizing current pedagogical methods and student-centered techniques to provide outstanding educational value to our students.

  3. Enhancing career and advising support for our students.

  4. Ensuring accessibility to education for diverse and non-traditional students.

  5. Creating and maintaining value-adding relationships with stakeholders in the external community.

  6. Engaging our stakeholders to provide support for high-impact research and for recruiting and retaining high-quality faculty.

  7. Encouraging our students to gain global knowledge and experience through internships and study-abroad relationships.