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Resumes & Cover Letters

A resume is a brief highlight of your work or activity experiences, educational background, and skills as they relate to the type of job you are seeking. A resume is designed to get you an interview, so market yourself effectively to your reader!


The different subject areas should be in bold to create an effective flow for the reader.

    • Heading
      • Full name
      • Complete address
      • Phone number
      • Professional email address

    • Objective
      • The objective is an optional category that indicates the type of work you are seeking. 

    • Education
      • Degrees should be listed in reverse chronology.  Include only those schools in which you earned a degree.

    • Experience
      • Include full-time and part-time jobs, summer positions, volunteer work, military service, internships, self-employment, research projects, and activities if they are directly relevant to the position. 

    • Honors, Activities, Research, and Professional Affiliations

    • Skills
      • You might want a section listing computer skills.  Be specific, listing product names and version numbers if possible.  Indicate your level of knowledge with terms such as “working knowledge of” and “proficient in.”

    • References do not need to appear on your resume. You can create a seperate sheet listing your references and provide this when asked, later in the interview process.

      Sample resumes:
      Sample Ole Miss Resume

    Cover Letters

    • Cover letters should be one page in length and around three to four paragraph longs.

    • The letter should be written in a professional business format and printed on the same paper as your resume.

    • The letter heading should include your return address, the date, the person to which you are sending the letter, and the business address.

    • In the first paragraph of the letter, you should clearly identify the position for which you are applying.

    • The second and third paragraphs of the letter serve as your outlet to explain your qualifications and why you are interested in the position and the company.

    • The concluding paragraph is an opportunity for you to ask the employer to follow up by contacting you to schedule an interview or for you to state that you will contact the employer to request an interview.

    •  Be sure to sign the letter before it is faxed or mailed.

    • Proof read, proof read, proof read!  A letter with grammatical errors will make an instantly bad first impression.

    • Do your homework on the company, and be sure to include in the letter why you will be an asset for it.

    • Take advantage of this opportunity to advertise for yourself!

Download handouts for Resumes and Cover Letters