About Us

Through innovative educational programs, the MIS Department produces highly skilled MIS professionals who can design and advance the key information technology systems that significantly accelerate and improve operational, managerial, and strategic decisions. Graduates enable modern businesses to compete in a rapidly changing and fiercely competitive global environment.

MIS courses dealing with programming, systems engineering, databases, intelligent systems, and networked applications provide our students with leading-edge skills that are demanded in today’s job market. Functional business courses in accountancy, economics, statistics, finance, business law, and operations management provide the additional know-how needed to understand and identify the appropriate applications of information technology to solve critical business problems.

Dr. Milam Aiken and the University of Mississippi have been ranked #1 in Group Support System research productivity. In addition, Dr. Aiken has been ranked in the top 30 and the University of Mississippi has been ranked in the top 54 in MIS research productivity.


  • Many faculty are active in leadership roles with national and international scholarly journals.
  • All courses are taught in a state-of-the-art building complex with wireless internet connectivity.
  • The MIS major provides hands-on experience in all aspects of MIS, giving graduates of the program a significant advantage in the job market.

The department's research over the last five years has been published in the following highly respected academic journals:


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