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Academic Integrity

University Creed

The University of Mississippi is a community of learning dedicated to nurturing excellence in intellectual inquiry and personal character in an open and diverse environment.

As a voluntary member of this community:

  • I believe in respect for the dignity of each person
  • I believe in fairness and civility
  • I believe in personal and professional integrity
  • I believe in academic honesty
  • I believe in academic freedom
  • I believe in good stewardship of our resources
  • I pledge to uphold these values and encourage others to follow my example

Ole Miss School of Business Code of Ethics

The School of Business Administration at the University of Mississippi seeks to promote the highest level of ethical standards among its graduates. Pursuant to that end, graduates are expected to follow the norms and standards established by their individual professional organizations in terms of their responsibility toward all stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors, suppliers, channel members, regulators and society as a whole. Accordingly, they are obligated to familiarize themselves with the professional standards of their particular discipline. The following code of ethics is, therefore, established as an addition to the standards of each individual's professional organizations.

Graduates of The School of Business Administration, University of Mississippi should:

  • Be forthright and truthful in dealings with stakeholders by serving the best interests of all of the organization's stakeholders including society as a whole.
  • Serve as a model of ethical decision-making to others, and always set and exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior.
  • Seek to do no harm, but when they make a mistake, admit it quickly and not try to conceal it.
  • Conduct all business in good faith.
  • Accept the consequences of their decisions, and take professional responsibility for individual decisions and actions.
  • Recognize the basic dignity of all stakeholders by treating others as they would wish to be treated.
  • Comply with all the applicable laws and regulations of society and of one's profession.
  • Act as society's stewards in facilitating and executing efficient and effective commercial transactions.
  • Always execute their professional duties to the best of their capabilities.
  • Fulfill their philanthropic and societal responsibilities to stakeholders.

It is important for Graduates of the University of Mississippi, School of Business Administration to adhere to the principles of this code and encourage adherence by others as well.

Statement of Academic Integrity

The School of Business Administration upholds honor and academic integrity in all of its teaching, research, and service activities. All business faculty, staff, and students are charged with the responsibility to behave with personal integrity and to refrain from dishonorable conduct.