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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to improve business and society by inspiring students, business and community leaders through advancing business knowledge and capabilities.

Our vision is to cultivate innovative and effective leaders through transformational educational opportunities that foster business knowledge acquisition, a strong work ethic, and collaboration skills to improve Mississippi, the region, and the world.

Core Values

The School of Business Administration is a learning community that embraces its mission in a collegial environment characterized by:
• Respect for all members of the SBA team.
• Work to provide extraordinary Service to each other, to our students, to the research community, and to society.
• Commitment to excellence in all endeavors that we undertake.

To uphold these values, the School is steadfastly devoted to:

- Sustaining excellence in teaching, research, and service, characterized by:

• Our belief in broad-based business education.
• Our recognition and commitment to the importance of contemporary research that enhances the body of business knowledge.
• Our commitment to effectively serving the School, the University, and the larger academic, state, regional and national communities.

- Fostering intellectual growth by:

• Supporting a diverse community of faculty, students, and staff dedicated to the development of a culture of learning that fosters high ethical standards and respect for one another.
• Providing an environment that is conducive to learning, scholarship, and cooperative interaction to stimulate the enrichment of teaching, research, and lifelong professional development.

- Responding to its constituents by:

• Fulfilling the obligation to support continuous improvement in the quality of its students, faculty, learning environment and resources to meet the changing needs of students, faculty, staff, employers, parents, alumni, friends, and others who care about the growth of the School, the local community and the State of Mississippi.
• Serving as a faithful and prudent steward of resources that have been entrusted to the School by the University, the State, alumni, friends, corporations, and other stakeholders who have invested in supporting the mission of the school.